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In Addition to Having a Waterbury Location, OMG Smiles Provides Orthodontic Services for Many of the Dentistry & Braces Group Locations

We want to make people smile! We at OMG Smiles believe that a healthy, attractive smile will not only improve your oral health but also has the ability to dramatically improve your confidence and quality of life. We have an amazing team and together we’ll help you achieve and maintain the smile you’ve always wanted. Thank you for choosing OMG Smiles!

We are one of the leading family orthodontists who understand the power of a beautiful, healthy smile. Our team of qualified and competent family orthodontists knows that the appearance of your teeth is vital in contributing to your emotional well-being and confidence. So, they ensure that you receive the best orthodontist treatment with a judgment-free approach.

Whether you’re an adult wanting a bold, beautiful smile or a parent looking for ways to gift your child a healthy smile, you can rely on the best orthodontists in Southern New Hampshire, Connecticut & Massachusetts.

Allow us to help you get the smile you deserve!

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Meet our Orthodontists

meet OUR orthodontists

Dr. Garett Charette, DMD, MSD


Dr. Bennet Galperin, DMD, MSD


Dr. Christine Nguyen, DMD, MSD


Dr. Neha Patel, DDS, MS


Dr. Cecilia Deller, DMD, CAGS, MSD


We charge 60% lessthan everyone else.

We understand that orthodontic care is a costly investment, & we are committed to giving back to the communities we serve by making a great smile something that EVERYONE has affordable access to. That’s why we offer a flat fee with pricing as transparent as Invisalign. And to make you smile even more, we accept most insurances.

The bold, new perspective on daily life with a stunning new smile brings confidence and surety that wasn't there before. At OMG Smiles, our patients leave with a smile that gives them self-belief and assurance to face anything.

We provide adults and children with braces and Invisalign® treatment choices and affordable payments via flexible financing. Our orthodontic treatment is comprehensive as we do all our power to help you attain the smile of your dreams.


OMG Smiles wants to make sure we exceed your expectations when you trust us for your beautiful smile and dental health. We can assist you with your orthodontic needs. Perhaps you want to keep your braces clean and glossy or you need oral surgery. Turn to OMG Smiles for a professional consultation and successful treatment.

Want successfully and efficiently integrated aligners or braces to straighten your teeth? Schedule your appointment with OMG Smiles for the best family orthodontic treatment outcome!

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Pediatric Orthodontics FAQ's

Orthodontists identify, prevent, and treat facial and dental malformations. These issues can include crowded and misaligned jaws, teeth that are too close together or far apart, teeth that that stick out or meet irregularly. A Family Orthodontist treats patients of varying ages.
Naturally, having teeth that are crooked or crowded in adults is a sign that you need braces. Additional symptoms could include difficulty in brushing and flossing around crooked teeth.
YES! Both orthodontists and general dentists have expertise in their own specialties and rely heavily on one another to produce top-notch dental results. During orthodontic treatment, you must visit your general dentist to ensure there are no cavities.
While braces typically cost $5,000 to $6,000, some people spend $2,000 to $10,000. This is because orthodontic therapy is highly individualized and dependent on the patient and the orthodontist. Your costs will vary depending on your insurance coverage, age, and brace style.
Two-phase orthodontic treatment is a unique combination of physical, facial modifications, and tooth straightening. The purpose is to maximize the chance of achieving your child's best, most long-lasting, healthy, functional, and beautiful result.
The orthodontist examines the mouth, teeth, and jaws of the patient. If they have difficulty eating or swallowing, have misaligned teeth, or their jaws occasionally click or snap when they open their mouth, the family orthodontist will provide a customized treatment.

Our Patients

Whether you're an adolescent, adult, or child, we understand that each patient has unique needs, and we take pride in providing each visitor with dependable service.

Our Services

We provide traditional braces, transparent braces, and clear aligners, all made with the most recent technological advancements in the field. Whatever your requirements, we'll ensure you get the best treatment available.

At OMG Smiles, our practice is committed to offering the high-quality care you deserve, and we want you to feel secure and at ease throughout your orthodontic journey. You can access our services throughout Southern New Hampshire, Connecticut & Massachusetts. for a unique, tailored treatment plan for a gorgeous smile.

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Orthodontic Treatment for All Ages

Helping our patients achieve beautiful smiles is our goal. We have helped hundreds of patients in achieving healthy teeth and smiles. Our wealth of experience makes us experts in teeth straightening. We'll provide you with high-quality braces so you may smile with pride!

At OMG Smiles, we deliberate to serve each patient with respect, professionalism, and consideration to meet their individual needs. Every effort is made to ensure that each patient has a positive experience while visiting our clinic.

We are eager to collaborate with you! Get in touch with us to arrange a complimentary orthodontic consultation.