When seeking orthodontic treatment, it's only right to be fully aware of the decision one is taking, and of course, enlighten any grey areas in the process. It is never a great idea to jump all in without a clear knowledge of what one needs to know.

Consider like a journey, one is supposed to have a clear view of what is about to unfold and clear out any doubts by knowing what is at stake. Before commencing treatments from your orthodontist there are a couple of essential questions you should ask or rather engage your orthodontist on. After all, this is a very important health decision, and only right to understand properly the process before going in. There are always so many questions to ask, but here are the most important questions;

What Treatment Option Do You Recommend?

It is really important to ask this question, during your orthodontic consultation. A lot of options are usually presented, there are different kinds of braces, aligners. With so many options, it can be confusing to choose. The best thing to do is ask your orthodontist what they recommend for your smile.

How Long Would The Treatment Last?

What is the duration of the treatment? How long until I can see results? These are valid questions as it prepares you on how long you will have braces or aligners.

How Often Will I Need To See An Orthodontist?

Some treatments would not require visiting the orthodontist as frequently as others, for example, with Invisalign you have a lot more freedom. How often you will need to see the orthodontist will vary from patient to patient.

How Much Would It Cost?

Knowing the cost is a great deal, the cost could vary from each treatment. Some treatments are more expensive than others are, some offices take a monthly plan. At OMG Smiles we offer flat rate prices to help make orthodontic treatment more affordable to our patients.

Will The Treatment Affect My Diet?

How does this treatment restrict my diet? Do I need to stay away from specific foods?

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign doesn't have so many restrictions. With Invisalign, you can remove the tray before eating allowing you to continue to eat what you want.

Can I Do Sports During My Treatment?

Important for patients who love to do sports, a lot of sports require contact. You must inform the orthodontist what sport you're active in and they can advise you on what precautions you should take to protect your smile and braces.

There are a plethora of questions to ask your orthodontist to get a good picture of the treatment, however, we highlighted a few. The most important thing to remember is to talk with your orthodontist about any questions or concerns you have.  For cosmetic services reach out to Lake Dental.